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  1. since March 2020 been on a AMD 3700X, gigabyte X5700 Aorus Elite, 16gb mem, Radeon 5700 with an odd assortment of hardrives so nothing too uber but works well with evberything I throw at it.
  2. well slap my ass and call me [¹²M] :D really need to seek out old jaybo-bibbly - probably has 100 kids by now eh? other day I bought UT off steam and had to run through a few hoops to get it running but it looks and plays good once all done.
  3. BullDog


    yea still playing this after 9 years tho I did set some time aside for the awesome GTA5. even found out to run UT on a semi good pc with no grafix glitches or fps 20000000+ so how is everyone?
  4. not seen any of those - thanks for the tips tho - will check some out :)
  5. I might have the original movie someplace - will have a dig about and let you know I think a lot of the old UT movie sites are dead
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