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  1. hi guys, Nice to see you all, hope you are all well. I can do a group email (moderators, 12m, team captains) from within the forum, if someone wants to knock up a message. I know a few emails will bounce, i will let you know which ones bounce
  2. If you ever or have an android phone with a broken screen, that you want to recovery things off, i.e. photos etc. Most android phone have OTG (On The Go) enabled. What this means that using OTG you can control your phone using an standard USB mouse, this is where the OTG comes in, it is a cable that connects to your phone (see below about £10) You can also connect a external hard drive (formatted as FAT not NTFS) or card reader or if you want an keyboard. Once you connect a mouse you get a cursor and you can control any part of the phone using the mouse, ever swiping, so if the touch screen isn't responding because it is broken. It is a little weird using the mouse at first because you want to use the screen to control it, but after a few minutes it OK. I haven't tried this on an iphone or windows phone (doh, no one has one of them), so i am not sure if it works on them.
  3. I have recorded a few TV Shows over the years and have yet to see them and was wondering if there are worth watching and which ones are the must see first. They are the following (What do you mean, OMFG they are all shit :whistling: ) American Horror Story Big Love Blue Bloods Broadwalk Empire Dollhouse Ghost Whisperer Identity Spartacus (Blood and Sand etc) The Following The Tudors The Wire Tru Calling Vegas I hope evry1 are gr8, long time no speak. :fluffle:
  4. Step 1: Right click. Step 2: Click create folder. Step 3: Name the new folder this, "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" and press enter. Step 4: As the folder changes form to look like the control panel. I haven't tried it, as I do not have w7, but i am pretty sure it works
  5. I bet it aged better than Meg Ryan :D
  6. Sorry for not replying earlier, If it is under 300mb you could upload to another webby I have, as I have scaled back the hosting over the years as the forum doesn't get the traffic it used to. If it is above 300mb maybe you could use one of the online cloud storage systems, such as skydrive from MS 7gb for free (info) Let me know,
  7. the bonus footage is on the server Bonus Movie Footage
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