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  1. Hi m8 - I've just added the server now. Will pop in if I ever see you on
  2. Hey guys! Be good to try and have a catch-up with as many of you as possible soon !
  3. Add me on Steam. Not sure what my username is! Try one of the following: sadistic2006 - Account name levi_sadistic or sadistic_levi - Username
  4. I know what you mean. Guessing you don't play it anymore?
  5. Is there anybody here playing this game at all?
  6. I'm loving Battlegrounds at the moment!
  7. Once it's up and going potentially we'll get a group together
  8. Hey guys, I'm on Steam and play, when I have time, a little Left 4 Dead 2 & Civilization. Username: Sadistic2006
  9. Hey all, I was wondering what you're all up to thesedays? : )
  10. Brilliant news :) Any preference actually whichever is easiest for yourself?
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