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  2. Hi Vol, I got summoned back here by Plump a short while ago. I keep meaning to drop into the UT discord and give people a wave but struggling to find the spare time what with work and childcare at the moment (although admittedly I find time for a few hours of Phoenix Point here and there). I saw you on the list for the tournament Vol so assume you're still playing a bit. I reinstalled UT, found all my old configs and gave it a quick whizz offline but can't see me playing much if at all. I wonder if we could e-mail everyone registered on the forum that we're still here and to pop in and give us a wave. A load of old faces in 12M and beyond who it'd be nice to catch up with.
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  4. Spoke to loki couple of weeks ago and he said u guys still visited here..... Even remembered my login Sup guys?
  5. Plump


    I play a bit of classic wow when my RSI screwed hands allow. UT actually runs really well now. You just need to get one of the new community versions with the 469 patch. They added UI scaling and and the new xopengl looks and feels great. Decent community for CTF with a lot of old players @ https://discord.gg/XJmzHfd
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    Not many around these days mate :(
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