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  2. since March 2020 been on a AMD 3700X, gigabyte X5700 Aorus Elite, 16gb mem, Radeon 5700 with an odd assortment of hardrives so nothing too uber but works well with evberything I throw at it.
  3. well slap my ass and call me [¹²M] :D really need to seek out old jaybo-bibbly - probably has 100 kids by now eh? other day I bought UT off steam and had to run through a few hoops to get it running but it looks and plays good once all done.
  4. Anyone else ready to pop on to voice? I have had a crazy week and weekend but got Sadistic in, though not had a chance to chat yet, I have created a 12monkeyz room if you boys want to idle anytime for a chat on discord. https://discord.gg/urWdZdx
  5. Hi m8 - I've just added the server now. Will pop in if I ever see you on
  6. Kept meaning to check back here, seems like we all check in randomly over the months going by, Did anyone join on the discord channel with a nickname I wouldnt recognise at all? I have kept it as non expires, so if people wanted to join anytime just try to drop me a message on here or in discord, be good to have a UT99 night sometime! https://discord.gg/urWdZdx
  7. I seem to remember Dogs and I had the same PC a 133Mhz leviathan of a machine. I bought the very first 3dFX card wow - such a millenia ago guys. I am running Windows 10 - I7 9700K 64GB Ram RTX2070 Super Black um.... oh yeah 2 x 970 Evo Pro SSDs Mind you, by the time someone replies to this, the Quantum PC's will be upon us lol
  8. Heya guys, how's it going - long time no see. Hope you are all well and safe in the PaNdEmIc :D
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