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  1. I seem to remember Dogs and I had the same PC a 133Mhz leviathan of a machine. I bought the very first 3dFX card wow - such a millenia ago guys. I am running Windows 10 - I7 9700K 64GB Ram RTX2070 Super Black um.... oh yeah 2 x 970 Evo Pro SSDs Mind you, by the time someone replies to this, the Quantum PC's will be upon us lol
  2. Heya guys, how's it going - long time no see. Hope you are all well and safe in the PaNdEmIc :D
  3. Mate i am pretty sure i have the vikas masterpiece somewhere. Will look when i get home. Its quite a heavy upload if i remember. Dogs where do i upload it? Or you want me to email it?
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